Our runway has been extended!

Our longest runway has recently been extended upto 1120 m.

Bookings related to Covid 19

We are allowed to receive guests again! Of course we have hand gel, antisepticum towels and masks available for our you. Consider the possibility to rent half of the castle for a week exclusively for your family or with some friends! Call or email us with your ideas and we will give you a suitable offer.

The journey

Traveling to Bournizeaux has already been done by various means of transportation. Guests from Holland came by car and airplane and even by motorcycle, moped and on bikes! We will warmly welcome the first guests who come on foot with a free bottle of wine!!!

We are working on the farmhouse

Lots of work has been done already on the farmhouse in order to transform it into two self catered holiday homes. A new roof with solar panels has been installed and the external facades have been restored. Now we are focussing on the inside of the house!