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Château de Bournizeaux
79330 Pierrefitte
Deux-Sèvres France

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By car

From the Netherlands, Pierrefitte is very easy to reach via the toll roads. Utrecht-Pierrefitte is 800 km and normally about 8 to 9 hours away. The shortest route is via Lille (A29), Paris, Le Mans, Angers (A11), Saumur (A85), direction Poitiers/Cholet, direction Bressuire, Pierrefitte Deux-Sèvres. If you want to avoid Paris, you can also travel after Lille via Amiens and Rouen (A28). Put in the car navigation: “lieu dit Bournizeau”.

By train

The TGV stops in Angers (St. Laud). From the Netherlands you can take the Thalys to Paris and take the TGV to Tours or Saumur. Paris itself can be reached in 2 hours by TGV, also nice for a day in Paris. We can pick you up and bring you from Poitiers, Tours or Saumur station. You will usually also find car rental companies at the train stations.

By airplane

Various scheduled services fly to Nantes, La Rochelle and Poitiers. There are car rental companies at the airports. If you want to come with your own plane, navigate to Pilot info on this website.